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When That Midnight Choo, Choo, Leaves For Alabam'
Words and Music by Irving Berlin - 1912
Eb - G7 Cm G7 Cm Cdim
Eb  Cdim Eb  Cdim Eb Cdim  Bb7 Eb
Eb         Bb+    Eb -           Bb+ Eb       Ab   Abm
Eb                 Eb7 Ab Eb  Ab Eb                 Bb7 Eb
Eb         Bb+    Eb -           Bb+ Eb            Bbdim
Bb Bbdim  F7  Bb Cm       F7 Bb -
Bb7 - - -
Eb                 C Bb7 Eb -           Bbdim
Bb7 - Eb -
Eb                 C Bb7 Eb -        Bbdim Gb7
F7 - Bb7 -
Eb7 -           Cm  Eb+ Ab -
C7 -           C+   C7 Fm7 B7
Eb - G7 Cm G7 Cm Cdim
Eb  Cdim Eb  Cdim Eb Cdim  Bb7 Eb  (to chorus)
8-beat intro.  Play 4-beats for each cell, reading from left to right.
I've had a mighty busy day, I've had to pack my things away.
Now I'm goin' to give the landlord back his key. The very key,
That opened up my dreary flat, where many weary nights I sat,
Thinking of the folks down home who think of me.
You can bet you'll find me singing happily.
When that midnight choo, choo, leaves for Alabam',
I'll be right there. I've got my fare.
When I see that rusty haired conductor man,
I'll grab him by the collar and I'll holer "Alabam', Alabam',"
That's where you stop your train, that brings me back again.
Down home where I'll remain, where my honeylamb am.
I will be right there with bells, when that old conductor yells,
"All aboard! All aboard! All aboard for Alabam'."
Arranged by Jim Bottorff
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