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Will I Ever Tell You?
Words and Music by Meredith Wilson - 1957
G G#dim D7 -
- F# C    G     F#    G -
C - G E+
A7 - D7   C   D7   E7 Am7       D7
G G#dim D7 -
- F# C    G     F#    G Bm7
C Cm6 G E7
Am7 D7   C   D7 G C      G   (repeat)
G C      G    (repeat) |
8-beat intro.  Play 4-beats for each cell, reading from left to right.
The melody of "Will I Ever Tell You?" can be played along with the song  "Lida Rose" using the same chords as above.
Click hear for both songs played together.
Dream of now, dream of then.
Dream of a love song that might have been.
Do I love you? Oh, yes, I love you.
And I pray to tell you, But only when you dream a dream.
Sweet and low, sweet and low,
How sweet that mem'ry how long ago.
Forever? Oh, yes forever.
Will I ever tell you my love? (Lida Rose, Oh Lida Rose)
Lida Rose, Oh Lida Rose.
Watch Eddy Davis play "Will I Ever Tell You?" (youtube)

Arranged by Jim Bottorff
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