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Wabash Blues
Words by Dave Ringle, Music by Fred Meinken - 1921
Bb    Bb+   Gm   Bb+ Bb    Bb+   Gm   Bb+ C7        F7 Bb
-             D7 Gm         Bb C7 F7
Bb Bb7 Eb F#7
Bb  Edim      F7 Bb               G7 C7        F7 Bb7
Bb7 - Eb -                 Edim
Bb7 - Eb -                 Eb7
Ab - Eb -
B7 - Bb7 -
- - Eb -                 Edim
Bb7 - Eb -                 Eb7
Ab - Eb -                 Edim
Bb7 - Eb -  (end after repeat)
Bb        D7 Gm        Bb F#        Db7 F#        Db7
C7          Ebm6 C7  Ebm6  F7 Bb        Bb7 Eb         Bb        
Bb        D7 Gm        Bb F#        Db7 F#        Db7
C7          Ebm6 C7  Ebm6  F7 Bb        Bb7 Eb   Bb (to chorus)
8-beat intro.  Play 4-beats for each cell, reading from left to right.
Verse is Bb, Chorus is Eb, Patter is Bb. Play Verse, Chorus, Patter, Chorus.
Nearly broken hearted since the day that I once started from my Wabash home,
Indiana's sweet and it's a place that's hard to beat but then I longed to roam,
My old homestead I now can see, I had a girl was as sweet as could be,
Now ev'ry day I'm so lonesome it's misery.
Oh, those Wabash Blues,
I know I got my dues,
A lonesome soul am I,
I feel that I could die,
Candle light that gleams,
Haunts me in my dreams,
I'll pack my walking shoes,
To lose those Wabash Blues.
Thru the sycamore the candle light is shining bright, Mem'ry brings the scent of newmown hay to me each night,
I am starting for that spot no need to ask me when, I'll be leaving hoofprints tward the old home road again.
Expect to see the moon shine on the Wa bash an y mght, Seems that such a pic tures bound to turn me to the right
Mak ing up my mind to see that home so far a- way, But until that happens here's the best that I can say:
(back to chorus)
Dave Marty plays "Wabash Blues" in a plectrum banjo workshop (youtube)

Arranged by Jim Bottorff
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