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Words by Irving Ceaser, Music by George Gershwin - 1919
Fm Bbm Fm Gm7         C7
Fm G7           Bbm7 Fm -
Bb Fm Bb Fm           C7
Fm - C -               C7
Fm Bbm Fm Gm7         C7
Fm G7           Bbm7 Fm -
Bb Fm Bb Fm           C7
Fm C7 Fm            Fm7 G7          Dbm6
F - F+ -
Bb Gm7          C9 F            Gm7 F      C       F       C7
F Db7 C9 -      Gm     D7    Db7
C9 - F C9   Am     E       C7
F - F+ -
Bb Gm7          C9 F            Gm7 F       C       F      C7
F F+ Bb           F+      Gm -              F#dim
C7     Dm     C     Bb Am    C7    F - -   (end after repeat)
C7 - F -
C7 - Bb   F -
C7 - F -
F                 F7 G9             C7 F             Db7     Bb7 F  (repeat chorus)
4-beat intro.  Play 4-beats for each cell, reading from left to right.
Verse is in the key of Fm, chorus is in F.
I've been away from you a long time,
I never thought I'd miss you so,
Somehow I feel,  Your love was real,
Near you I long to be.
The birds are singing,  It is songtime,
The banjos strummin' soft and low,
I know that you,  Yearn for me too;
Swanee,  You're calling me.
Swanee,  How I love you,  How I love you,
My dear old Swanee;
I'd give the world to be,
Among the folks in D-i-x-i-e-ven know my,
Mammy's,  Waiting for me,  Praying for me,
Down by the Swanee,
The folks up north will see me no more,
When I go to the Swanee shore.
(end after repeat)
Swanee,  Swanee,
I am coming back to Swanee.
Mammy,  Mammy,
I love the old folks at home.
(repeat chorus)
Watch John Green's Banjo Ensemble play "Swanee" (youtube)
Listen to the Southern California Banjo Band play "Swanee" (youtube, timestamp 8:45)
Arranged by Jim Bottorff
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