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Steel Guitar Rag
Words by Merle Travis and Cliff Stone, Music by Leon McAuIiffe - 1941
 Part 1:
G6 - - -
- -                 D7 G6 -
- G7 G9 C7
G6 -                 D7 G6 -                G7
 Part 2:
C - G -
A7 _ D7 -
C -                 Cm G -
A7 D7 G                C G                           F#
 Part 3:
G -                            F# G -                             F#
G -                            C# D7 -                             F#
G -                             B C Cm6
G6 D7 G -            (repeat all)
8-beat intro. with 4 lead-in notes. Start strumming on the word "round".
 Play 4-beats for each cell, reading from left to right.
Part 1:
Been run - in' a - round, seen man - y a town,
So may - be you'll find I'm the kind of guy to brag.
But lis - ten to me and see,  If you don't a - gree,
No mel - o - dy rolls like that Steel Gui - tar Rag.
Part 2:
And when they slide that thing a - long the strings,
It sounds so dog - gone heav - en - ly,  You hear an - gels sing,
An when you start your feet, your heart will beat,
The rhy - thm to that Steel Gui - tar Rag.
Part 3:
You may be kind - a choos - y 'bout the kind of songs you hear.
You may like songs that's blues - y so you cry right in your beer.
But if you like a tune thats bound to drive a - way your care,
Make hap - py your soul with that Steel Gui - tar Rag.
Arranged by Jim Bottorff
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