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Ricochet Romance
Words and Musk by Larry Coleman, Norman Gimbel, Joe Darion - 1953
Number 1 on the Hit Parade in 1953,  played for 4 weeks.
||: F             Fm6 F F7 -
Bb - F -
C7 - - -
- - F -    (repeat verse) :||
||: F - - -              C7
- - - -               F
- - F7 Bb
-                 Bdim F             Dm7 Gm7            C F    (repeat chorus) :||
F                Bdim F             Dm7 Gm7            C F           (end)
8-beat intro. Play 4 or 8-beats for each cell, reading from left to right.
First Verse:
They warned me when you kissed me,
Your love would ricochet,
Your lips would find another,
And your heart would go astray.
Second Verse:
I thought that I could hold you,
With all my many charms,
But then one day you ricocheted,
To someone else's arms,  And Baby,
I don't want a ricochet romance!  I don't want a ricochet love!
If you're careless with your kisses,  find another turtle dove!
I don't live on ricochet romance!  No!  No!  Not me!
If you're gonna ricochet Baby,  I'm gonna set you free!
(repeat chorus)
If you're gonna ricochet Baby,  I'm gonna set you free!
Arranged by Jim Bottorff
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