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Never Too Busy
Words by Hermie King,  Music by Eddie Peabody - 1931
Dm             A+ F                Dm C7 F               A7
Dm             A+ F                D7 G7 C              C7
Gm7 Am Gm7           C7 F
Gm7           C7 F                D7 G7 C              C+
F E7 Eb D7
G7 A+ Am             C7 F
- E7 Eb D7
G7 A+ Am             C7     F
F7 - Gm7           F+ Bb
G7 - - C               C+
F E7 Eb D7
G7 A+ Am             C7 F         (C7  to chorus)
8-beat intro.  Play 4-beats for each cell, reading from left to right.
This song is in the key of F, the verse starts with a Dm chord.
When my sweet - heart writes to me,  I get bright and gay,
When she thinks I am not true,  I write her and say:
"Ba - by dar - ling you're all wrong,  I'm so good and true,
Ev - 'ry lit - tle thing I do,  Makes me think of you."  'Cause,
I'm so bus - y,  Get - ting diz - zy,  Al - ways bus - y that's true.
I'm al - ways hust - ling,  Al - ways bust - ling,  But nev - er too bus - y for you.
I like hug - ging,  I like squee - zing,  I like lov - ing too,  But
I'm so bus - y,  Just too bus - y,  For an - y girl but you.
All the boys that I have met,  Have girls by the score,
But the girls those boys take out,  I'm too bus - y for.
When my phone rings and I find it's Ma - ry,  Jane or Lou,
I say bus - y,  Oh so bus - y,  But nev - er too bus - y for you.

Arranged by Jim Bottorff
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