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My Wild Irish Rose
Words and Music by Chauncey Olcott - 1899
C C+ F C
- D7 G7 -
C C+ F C
- Fm           G7 C -
G7 - C -            E7
Am D7 G7 -
C C+ F C
- Fm            G7 C G7
C E7 Am C7
F - C -           C#dim
G7 C            C#dim G7 -
D7 -              Cdim G7 -
C E7 Am C7
F - C -           C#dim
G7 C            C#dim G7 C
F D7          G7 C -  (G7 to chorus)
12-beat intro.  Play 3-beats for each cell, reading from left to right.
This song is in 3/4 waltz time.
If you listen I'll sing you a sweet little song,
Of a flower that's now droped and dead.
Yet dearer to me, yes, than all of its mates,
Tho each holds aloft its proud head.
'Twas given to me by a girl that I know,
Since we've met, faith I've known no repose.
She is dearer by far than the world's brightest star,
And I call her my wild Irish Rose.
My wild Irish Rose,
The sweetest flow'r that grows.
You may search ev'ry where, but none can compare,
With my wild Irish Rose.
My wild Irish Rose,
The dearest flow'r that grows,
And some day for my sake, she may let me take,
The bloom from my wild Irish Rose.
Listen to Larry Kennedy play "My Wild Irish Rose" (mp3)
Recorded at 39 Main Restaurant in Tiburon, CA - 1975

Arranged by Jim Bottorff
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