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Meet Me Tonight In Dreamland
One of the most famous and beloved popular songs of the twentieth century, 2 million copies sold in one year.
Words by Beth Slater Whitson,  Music by Leo Friedman - 1909
Bb - Bbmaj7 Bb6
Bb Dm7          Bb Bdim Cm
-                G7 Cm Cm7 F7
- - Bbdim Bb
A+             A A7 Dm               A7 Dm          F#dim
C C7            C+7 F                  C7 F7
Bb            Bb7 G+            G7 C7 -
F7 - Bb A+           Ab7
G7 G+7           G7 C7 -
- - Cdim           C7 F7
Bb            Bb7 G+            G7 C7 -
F7 - Bb Bb7
Eb Edim Bb G7
C7 F7 Bb -   (F7 to chorus)
12-beat intro.  Play 3-beats for each cell, reading from left to right.
This song is in 3/4 waltz time.
Dreaming of you, that's all I do.
Night and day, for you I'm pining.
And in your eyes, blue as the skies,
I can see the lovelight softly shining.
Because you love me there, it seems,
Pray meet me in the land of dreams.
Meet me tonight in dreamland,
Under the silv'ry moon.
Meet me tonight in dreamland,
Where love's sweet roses bloom.
Come with the lovelight gleaming,
In your dear eyes of blue.
Meet me in dreamland, Sweet dreamy dreamland,
There let my dreams come true.
Listen to Eddie Peapbody play "Meet Me Tonight In Dreamland" on the Banjoline in 4/4 time (mp3)
Arranged by Jim Bottorff
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