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King Chanticleer
Also Known As "Texas Tommy Dance"
Music by Nat. D. Ayer, Words by A. Seymour Brown - 1910
Cm -            Bm  Cm D7               F#7 Cm
Cm -            Bm  Cm D7               F#7 Cm
G D7 G D7
G D7 - G7
Cm -            Bm  Cm D7               F#7 Cm
Fm - Cm -
Ab7 - D7 G7
First Chorus:
Eb F7 Bb7 Eb       Bb7
Eb Gm F7 Bb7
Eb F7 Bb7 Eb       Bb7
Eb         Eb7 Ab F7        Bb7 Eb
Second Chorus:
F G7 C7 F         C7
F Am G7 C7
F G7 C7 F         C7
F           F7 Bb G7        C7 F
Verse is in Cm, the first chorus is in Eb, the second chorus is in F.
Click here for a link to "Texas Tommy Dance" with Trio melody.
When the sun begins to rise, and you see the light in the Eastern skies, you hear a rooster crow.
No doubt you've often wondered why, if you've wakened by his morning cry; The truth you ought to know.
Down in the barn yard where all is still, each day at dawn comes the call so shrill.
It echoes back from the neighbring hill, "I am King Chanticleer!"
When his mighty voice is heard, then ev'ry farm yard beast and bird, you'll notice will appear,
Then comes a sight that makes you stare, answering calls come from ev'ry where,
See all the animals gather there, to pay homage to their King!
'Round the barnyard goes the mighty cavalcade, gorgeously arrayed, see them on parade!
All the animals assemble there, as the break of day draws near.
All the crickets, bees, and birds upon the wing, all commence to sing, hear the chorus ring!
All their voices raise, and they acclaim the praise of Chanticleer!
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Arranged by Jim Bottorff
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