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Johnson Rag
Words by Jack Lawrence, Music by Guy Hal and Henry Kleinkouf -1917
G D7             G C6            D7 C6             D7
G D7 G            Ddim D7             G
G Ebm           G     D+ G Ebm           G      D+
D7 - - Eb7    D7   G      D+
G Ebm           G     D+ G Ebm           G      D+
D7 - - Eb7   D7    G
Dm7           G7 Dm7          G+7 C Dm7           C
Em7            A7 Em7           A7 D     Db    C     Fm D6     Bb    Am   D+
G Ebm           G     D+ G Ebm           G      D+
D7 - - Eb7   D7    G  (to chorus)
8-beat intro.  Play 4-beats for each cell, reading from left to right.
Johnson Flood, Mississippi Mud, Black Bottom, I got 'em.
Lindy Hop, Chop, chop, chop, Ch-ch-ch, Charlotte Russe.  Turn on the Juice.
Hep, Hep, There goes the Johnson rag. Hoy, Hoy, There goes the latest shag.
Ho, Ho, It really isn't a gag.  Hep, Hep, There goes the Johnson Rag.
Jump, Jump, Don't let your left foot drag.  Jeep, Jeep, It's like a game of tag.
Juke, Juke, It's even good for a stag.  Jump, Jump, And do the Johnson Rag.
If you're feelin' in the groove, It sends you out of the world.
Funny how it makes you move, I don't wanna coax, But don't be a "Mokes."
Zig, Zig, Then add a Zig, Zig, Zag.  Zoop, Zoop, Just let your shoulders wag.
Zoom, Zoom, And now it's right in the bag.  Get hep, and do the Johnson Rag.
Listen to Wally Dempsey play "Johnson Rag" (mp3)
Arranged by Jim Bottorff
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