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In Banjo Land
Words by Grant Clarke, Music by Jean Schwartz - 1912
Verse:----------- ------------------ ------------------ ------------------
F G7         C7 F G7          C7
D7 Gm Dm         F C7
F G7         C7 F G7          C7
D7 Gm Dm         F C7
Chorus:--------- ------------------ ------------------ ------------------
F             D7 G7 C7 F
- C7 - F
-              D7 G7 C7 A7
Gm          G7 A7         D7 F -
-              C7 F     (C7 to chorus) ------------------ ------------------
8-beat intro.  Play 4-beats for each cell, reading from left to right.
Play Verse, Chorus, Chorus two time.
Ban -jo Land land of har -mo -ny, Ban -jo Land land of mel -o -dy
When the cot -ton pick -ing's o'er Mu -sic fills the air:
Ban -jo Land home of fun -ny tunes Ban -jo Land land of sun -ny tunes
When the moon is in the sky Ban -jos ev -'ry where.
Down In Ban -jo Land down In Ban -jo Land Ev -'ry bod -y's got a ban -jo in his hand
Mel -o -dies g -lore, 'Round the cab -in door
South -ern folks pick -in' ban -jo strokes, Mu -sic some -thing grand
Mam -my, she's a hum -min' Boys are all a strum -min' In the ev -'ning by the moon -light,
In Ban -jo Land.

Arranged by Jim Bottorff
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