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Glad Rag Doll
Words by Jack Yellen, Music by Milton Ager and Dan Dougherty - 1929
Verse:----------- ------------------ ------------------ ------------------
C          Cdim Dm         G7 C          Em G7
C          Am6 Em          E7 Em        D7 G7          C7
Chorus:--------- ------------------ ------------------ ------------------
F Fm C A7
D7 G7          G+ C -
F Fm C A7
D7 G7          B7 C F       Fm      C      C+
E7 Bm     Cm     C      E7 A7 -
D7 Em  Bbm  Gmaj7  D7 G7         Gdim G7         C7
F Fm C A7
D7 Fm6       G7 C            (D7 G7       C7 to chorus)
8-beat intro.  Play 4-beats for each cell, reading from left to right.
Note:  This song is in the key of C, the chorus starts with an F chord.
Lit - tle pain - ted la - dy with your love - ly clothes,  Where are you bound for, may I ask?
What your dia - monds cost you, Ev -'ry - bod - y knows.  All the world can see be - hind your mask.
All dolled up in glad rags,  To - mor - row may turn to sad rags,
They call you Glad Rag Doll.
Ad - mir - ed, de - sir - ed,  By lov - ers who soon grow tir - ed,
Poor lit - tle Glad Rag Doll.
You're just a pret - ty toy they like to play with;
You're not the kind they choose to grow old and gray with,
Don't make this the end dear,  It's nev - er too late to mend, dear,
Poor lit - tle Glad Rag Doll.

Arranged by Jim Bottorff
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