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Frank Vodich lived in San Francisco and was a close friend with Eddie Peabody.  Whenever Peabody came to the San Francisco area,
he was a guest at Frank's house.  Frank learned the "Peabody Style" of plectrum banjo playing from Eddie.  
Combining his own skills with the Peabody Style,  Frank developed an energetic style of his own.
Frank shared his banjo expertise with many, usually through a visit at his home, which included the hospitality of his wife Georgia.
Frank and Eddie                                                            Scotty Plummer and Frank
     Scotty Thanks Frank (youtube)                        Brad Roth Interview (youtube)

Quotes From Banjo People:
"Frank was one of the most kind and generous banjo players.  As a young banjoist, I spent a lot of time at Frank's house.
The generosity of Frank and Georgia was outstanding.  After spending hours sharing details of banjo playing, you couldn't leave without
Frank and Georgia filling you with sandwiches, pasta, and other gifts.  If you never met them personally,
you really missed out on two kind and loving individuals."  (Steve Peterson)
"I am so glad that I was able to spend a day with Frank Vodich, while I was in San Francisco.  He was a good friend of Eddie Peabody's
and you can hear that in his playing.  Frank also taught Scotty Plummer and the incomparable Brad Roth."  (Peter Mezoian)
"With a strong desire to play like Peabody, Roth would try to copy the old 78 recordings.
It was Frank Vodich that showed Brad the various techniques that Eddie Peabody used."  (Jazz Banjo Magazine)
Article by Georgette Twain about Frank (Resonator Magazine September 2005) - (Click here)

 (click on image to enlarge)
Playing with a Band                                     Joking at a Banjo Show                                     San Francisco Banjo Band          
Frank was a member of the San Francisco and Oakland Banjo Bands and could be found at most west coast banjo shows.

Cassette Recordings of Frank Playing.
Sound Clips:
(click on a song name to listen)
"Alabama Jubilee"
"Alabamy Bound"
"As Time Goes By"
"C'est Si Bon"
"Dust On The Moon"
"I'll See You In My Dreams" / "Sleep"
(Frank melody, Eddie Peabody rhythm)
"I Love You" / "Lies"
"Moonlight On The Ganges"
"On Wisconsin" / "All American Girl"
"Peg Of My Heart"
"A Pretty Girl Is Like A Melody"
(Frank melody, Eddie Peabody rhythm)
"Sheik Of Araby"
(Frank melody, Eddie Peabody rhythm)
"Smile Darn You Smile" / "When You're Smiling"
"Smoke Gets In Your Eyes"
"St. Louis Blues"
(Frank melody, Eddie Peabody rhythm)
"Tea For Two"
(Frank melody, Eddie Peabody rhythm)
"Tea For Two" / "As Time Goes By"
"Tie A Yellow Ribbon"
"Two Guitars" / "Dark Eyes"
"Whispering" / "Yes Sir That's My Baby"
"World Is Waiting For The Sunrise"
(Frank's own intro.)
Note:  Frank liked to play into an electric amp, as seen behind his chair in the photo below.
Sometimes Frank would tune his banjo up one step, DAC#E, he would play in F and the sound would come out in G.

I was introduced to Frank in 1973 by Dan Gomez, who took me to Frank's home in San Francisco.
Dan told me that Frank played "Peabody Style" and I should meet him.  Frank's playing still inspires me today.
I remember Frank saying, "Don't play like you're holding a wet fish".
Jim and Frank
Happy Picking and Strumming,
Jim Bottorff

Frank's Tribute to Eddie Peabody:
From our chain of friendship
A link has fallen in our land
His sun has set enshrined in the
Hallowed halls of memory his
True worth I'll never forget his
Golden Vega Vox keeps on ringing
Great melodies from on high
As an eternal beacon for all banjo
Players to plot a true and steady
Musical course by as future
Generations turn to banjo the
Answer will remain the same the
Greatest Banjoist ever known
Inspired and taught me;
"Eddie Peabody" was his name.

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