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Dueling Banjos
Theme song from the 1973 Warner Brothers movie "Deliverance"
Similar to “Fuedin’ Banjos” by Arthur Smith - Copyright 1955
G    (Guitar) - G    (Banjo) -
Part 1:
||: G  C  G  (Guitar) G  C  G  (Banjo) G  C  G  (Guitar) G  C  G  (Banjo)
 (Guitar & Banjo) C           G D           G -
Part 2:
G    (Guitar) - G    (Banjo) -
G    (Guitar) - G    (Banjo) -
C    (Guitar) - C    (Banjo) -
G    (Guitar) - G    (Banjo) -
D    (Guitar) - D    (Banjo) -
G  C  G  (Guitar) G  C  G  (Banjo) G  C  G  (Guitar) G  C  G  (Banjo)
Part 3:  (Add Lib)
C - G -
D - G -
C - G -
D - G - (go to Part 1) :||
G - - -            D  G
8-beats before Intro.  Play 4-beats for each cell, reading from left to right.
The above arrangement is based on 1973 published sheet music.
See the Internet for popular arrangements from the movie and by others.
Watch Jim and Charlie Tagawa play "Dueling Banjos" (youtube)
Watch Arthur Smith perform "Dueling Banjos" (youtube)
Arranged by Jim Bottorff
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