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Dream A Little Dream Of Me
Words by Gus Kahn, Music by W. Schwandt and F. Andree - 1931
Am D7            D+       G                Dm        E7
Am D7 G                Gdim D              D7
Am -               D+ G                Dm E7
A7 - D7 A7            D7
G Eb7           D7 G E7
Am Cm G                A7 D7
G Eb7           D7 G E7
Am Cm G                D7 G     Am     G      Bb7
Eb            Cm         Bb7 Eb              Cm Bb7
Eb            Cm Bb7 Eb D7
G              Bm Eb7           D7 G E7
Am Cm G                 D7 G    (D7 repeat chorus)
8-beat intro.  Play 4-beats for each cell, reading from left to right.
We meet at evening time,  'Tis sweet at evening time,
To know I'll spend an hour or two,  Just with you.
Then when the hour grows late;  I love to hesitate,
The moments seem so fleeting,  While I am here repeating.
Stars shining bright above you,  Night breezes seem to whisper,  "I love you,"
Birds singing in the sycamore tree,  "Dream a little dream of Me."
Say "nighty-night" and kiss me,  Just hold me tight and tell me you'll miss me;
While I'm alone and blue as can be,  Dream a little dream of me,
Stars fading, but I linger on, dear,  Still craving your kiss;
I'm longing to linger till dawn, dear,  Just saying this:
Sweet dreams till sunbeams find you,  Sweet dreams that leave all worries behind you,
But in your dreams whatever they be,  Dream a little dream of me.
Watch Jim play "Dream A Little Dream" at the Seattle Banjo Workshop (youtube)
Watch Jim and Carol Wilson perform "Dream A Little Dream" (youtube)
Arranged by Jim Bottorff
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