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4-String Banjo Workshop
By Dave Marty
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Dave Marty gave a 4-string banjo workshop at the Seattle Banjo Club 1982 Banjo Pickers' Ball.
Dave plays a plectrum banjo, the topics are suitable for tenor and guitar-tuned banjos as well.
Following are six videos from the workshop:
Video #1 - "Triplet Strokes"  (Click here)
Right hand strumming, two kinds of triplet strokes.
Video #2 - "Arpeggio Stroke" (Click here)
Dave demonstrates his arpeggio stroke.
Video #3 - "More Strtokes" (Click here)
Three useful right hand strumming strokes.
Video #4 - "Questions" (Click here)
Questions on strumming, tempo, tremolo, and introductions.
Video #5 - "Playing Tips" (Click here)
Tips regarding pick, strings, tuning, endings, choking, and more.
Video #6 - "Sample Songs" (Click here)
Songs that demonstrate Dave's strumming techniques.

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