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Words and Music by Jaffe and Nat Bonx -1925
C7 - F -
C7   F  
C7 F              Dm Gm             C7 A7             Cdim
C7   F  
C7 - F C7
F - - -
C7 - F -
Bb Bbm F              C7 F             F#dim
C G7 C7 -
F - - -
C7 - - F         (to chorus)
8-beat intro.  Play 4-beats for each cell, reading from left to right.
There's a bunch of college boys around my way,
And their parties keep me up 'till the break of day.
What's the use of complainin', They don't give a darn.
This is how they sing and carry on:
C'llegiate c'llegiate, Yes! we are Collegiate,
Nothing intemedjate, No Ma’am.
Trousers baggy, And our clothes look raggy,
But we’re rough and ready, Yea!
Garters are the thing we never wear,
And we don’t have any use for red hot flannels.
Very very, Seldom in a hurry,
Never ever worry, We're Collegiate, Yes-ser-ee!
Alpha, Beta, Delta Gamma Theta,
Lamda Chi Omega, Phi Gam.
Lemme, Gimme, One a half a dollah.
Wear a Arrah Collah, Low!
Sigma Kappa, Tapa Halfa Keg,
That’s the Greek for all the lodges we belong to.
Socker soaker, Delta Handa Poker,
Ears at every smoker, We're Collegiate, Yes-ser-ee!
Arranged by Jim Bottorff
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