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Cocktails For Two
Words and Music by Arthur Johnston and Sam Coslow - 1934
C                B C              B C              G+ C
E                Eb E              Eb E               B+ E
Am A7 Dm7 G             F#     
G                F# G              D+ G7             D+ G7
C              Cdim C G7 Dm
-                 G7 Dm           G7 C -
-               Cdim C G7            Gdim Dm
-                 G7 Dm           G7 C7 -
F -               Fm C Cdim
Dm G7 C -
-               Cdim C G Dm
-                 G7 Dm           G7 C -           (G7 to chorus)
8-beat intro.  Play 4-beats for each cell, reading from left to right.
Oh what delight to be given the right to be care free and gay once again.
No longer slinking, respectably drinking like civilized ladies and men.
No longer need we miss, A charming scene like this.
(Interlude, no lyrics)
In some secluded rendezvous, That overlooks the Avenue,
With someone charming a delightful chat of this and that and Cocktails For Two.
As we enjoy a cigarette, To some exquisite chansonette,
Two hands are sure to slyly meet, Beneath a serviette with Cocktails For Two.
My head may go reeling, But my heart will be obedient,
With intoxicating kisses For the principal ingredient.
Most any afternoon at five, We'll be so glad we're both alive.
Then maybe fortune will complete her plan, That all began with Cocktails For Two.
Listen to the Marin Banjo Band play "Cocktails For Two" (youtube, timestamp 1:10)

Arranged by Jim Bottorff
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