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Camptown Races
Composed By Stephen Foster -1850
C - G7 -
C - G7 C
C - F C
C - G7 C   (repeat twice)
8-beat intro.  Play 4-beats for each cell, reading from left to right.
Camp - town la - dies sing this song,  Doo - dah, doo - dah,
Camp - town race - track five miles long,  Oh, doo - dah day.
Oh, the long tailed filly and the big black horse,  Doo - da, doo - da,
Come to a mud hole and they all cut across,  Oh, doo - dah day.
I went down there with my hat caved in,  Doo - da, doo - da,
I came back home with a pocket full of tin,  Oh, doo - dah day.

Goin' to run all night,  Goin to run all day!
Bet my mon - ey on the bob - tail nag,  Some - bod - y bet on the bay.

Listen to Jim play this song on the Plectrum Banjo
Jim plays this song in a medley on YouTube (click here)
Listen to Homer and the Barnstormers play this song (Buck Trent on 5-string banjo)
Arranged by Jim Bottorff
Click here for a plectrum lead-sheet
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