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Blaze Away
(Vocal March)
Music by Abe Holzeman 1901, Song version by Jimmy Kennedy 1931
G - Gdim G
- - D7 -
- - G -
A7 D              A7 D              Db7 D7
G - Gdim G
- E7 Am -
- - G E7
A7 D7 G -
 First Bridge:
D7 - G -
E7 - A -
D7 - A7 -
D G D7 -       (to chorus)
Second Bridge:
B F#7           B - F#7          B
D A7            D - A7           D
Eb7 D Eb7 D
D7 - - -        (to chorus)
8-beat intro.  Play 2-beats for each cell, reading from left to right.
This song is in 6/8 march time.  Play: Chorus, Frist Bridge, Chorus, Second Bridge, Chorus.
We'll make a bonfire of our troubles,
And we'll watch them blaze away,
And when they've all gone up in smoke clouds,
We'll never worry should they come another day,
And as the bonfire keeps on burning,
Happy days will be returning,
While the band keeps playing,
We'll let our troubles blaze away.
First Bridge:
Here we are, there's work to do,
Don't let troubles trouble you.
Bring them along and we'll turn them up, Bring them along and we'll burn them up.
Gather round! Gather round! This is the motto we've found.
Second Bridge:
Start and throw them right into the fire, (Instrumental),
Watch the flames going higher and higher, (Instrumental),
Blazing away, Blazing away,
So come along, bring your worries round today.
Joseph Locke sings "Blaze Away" (youtube)
Raymond and his Banjo Band perform "Blaze Away" (youtube)
Brad Roth plays "Blaze Away" (youtube)
Eddie Peabody plays and sings "Blaze Away" (youtube)
Arranged by Jim Bottorff
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