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Birth Of The Blues
Words by B. G. De Sylva and Lew Brown, Music by Ray Henderson - 1926
C7 -                  B7         Bb7     -                Ab7
G7             Ab7    G7             Ab7 C -     A7      Eb6      G7
C7 -                  B7 Bb7 -                Ab7
G7             Ab7 G7             Ab7 C -     A7      Ab7      G7
C G7             G+ C              E7        F                D7
G7 - C -     A7      Ab7       G7
C G7             G+ C              E7 F                D7
G7 - C -
E7 Dm6 E               E7 Dm6           E7
A7 - Am7          D7 G7   Am7   Ab7      G7
C G7             G+ C               E7 F                 D7
G7 - C -             (G7 to chorus)
8-beat intro.  Play 4-beats for each cell, reading from left to right.
Note:  This song is in the key of C, the verse starts with a C7 chord.
Oh! They say some dark -ies long a -go, Were search -ing for a diff -'rent tune,
One that they could croon, As on -ly they can. They on -ly had the rhy -thm so,
They start -ed sway -ing to and fro. They did -n't know just what to use,
That is how the blues re -al -ly be -gan.
They heard the breeze in the trees, Sing -ing wierd mel -o -dies,
And they made that, The start of the blues.
And from a jail came the wail, Of a down heart -ed frail,
And they played that as part of the blues.
From a whip -poor -will, Out on the hill, They took a new note,
Pushed it through a horn, 'Til it was worn in -to a blue note!
And then they nursed it, re -hursed it, and gave out the news,
That the South -land gave birth to the blues!
Arranged by Jim Bottorff
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