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Bile That Cabbage Down
 G  C  G  D7
 G  C  G        D7  G     (Repeat)
8-beat intro. Play 4-beats for each cell, reading from left to right.
Took my gal to the blacksmith shop,  To have her mouth made small,
She turned around a time or two,  And swallowed shop and all.
Once I had an old gray mule,  His name was Simon Slick,
He'd roll his eyes and back his ears,  And how that mule would kick.
How that mule would kick!  He kicked with his dying breath,
He shoved his hind feet down his throat,  And kicked himself to death.
Bile That Cabbage Down,  Bake 'dat hoecake brown,
The only song that I can sing is Bile That Cabbage Down.
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Arranged by Jim Bottorff
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