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Among My Souvenirs
Music by Edgar Leslie, Lyrics by Horatio Nicholls - 1927
Eb Ebdim Bb7 -
Eb Ebdim Bb7 -
Eb7 - Ab -
F7 - Bb Bb7
Eb Fm - Eb
- Bb7 - Eb
Eb Fm - Eb
- Bb7 - Eb
Eb7 Ab -             Bb+ Eb
- Bb7 -            Gdim G            Cm
F7             Bb7 Eb Fm -
Eb - Bb7 -
Eb -      (Bb7 to chorus) |
8-beat intro.  Play 4-beats for each cell, reading from left to right.
Your eyes once told me a story,
I built my castles on air.
Life soon was dimm'd of it's glory,
I lov'd,  But you ceased to care.
There's nothing left for me,  Of days that used to be,
I live in memory,  Among My Souvenirs.
Some letters tied wth blue,  A photograph or two,
I see a rose from you,  Among My Souvenirs.
A few more tokens rest within my treasure chest,
And tho' they do their best,  To give me consolation,
I count them all apart,  And as the tear drops start,
I find a broken heart,  Among My Souvenirs.

Arranged by Jim Bottorff
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