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Am I Blue
Words by Grant Clarke, Music by Harry Akst - 1929
F F7 Bb             C7 F             C7       
F F6 Am             E7 Am        Adim
Gm Bbm          C7 F               Dm G7           C7
F F7 Bb             G7 C7
F - C9 -
F                D7 G7             C7 F              Cdim C7
F - C9 -
F                D7 G7             C7 F              Bbm F
Am - E7            Dm6 -              E7
- - Am          F#dim Gm7        C7
F - C9 -
F                D7    G7             C7   F  -   (C7 to chorus)
8-beat intro.  Play 4-beats for each cell, reading from left to right.
I'm just a woman, alonely woman,  Waitin' on the weary shore.
I'm just a woman that's only human,  One you should be sorry for.
Got up this mornin' along about dawn,  Without a warnin',  I found he was gone.
Why should he do it?  How could he do it?  He never done it before.
Am I blue?  Am I blue?
Ain't these tears in these eyes tellin' you?
Am I blue?  You'd be too,
If each plan with your man done fell through.
Was a time I was his only one,
But now I'm the sad and lonely one,  "Lawdy,"
Was I gay? 'Til today,
Now he's gone and we're through,  Am I blue?
Listen to Eddie Peabody perform "Am I Blue" on the banjo and Banjoline (mp3)
Arranged by Jim Bottorff
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